For four years I was working at Rovio as lead character designer and concept artist developing almost all the new characters for "Angry Birds" and "Stella and Friends", as well as new concepts for new ip's working directly hand by hand with the CEO of the company. My job consisted both in the development of new characters and the preparation of them for the animation department with turnarounds, expressions and the supervision of the characters during the animation process. I gave as well my help, supervision and sketches to most of the departments at Rovio: marketing, licensing or books...
Here are some examples of concepts, some approved and some others not :) All of them are property of Rovio.
Durante cuatro años estuve trabajando en Rovio como lead character designer y concept artist desarrollando nuevos personajes para Angry Birds y Stella, así como nuevos conceptos para nuevas ip's directamente con el CEO. Mi trabajo consistía tanto en el desarrollo de nuevos personajes como la preparación de ellos para el departamento de animación con giros, expresiones y supervisión de los personajes durante el proceso de animación. También colaboraba con mi ayuda, supervisión y bocetos con la mayoría de departamentos de la empresa como marketing, licensing o editorial. 
Aquí hay algunos ejemplos de concepts, unos aprobados y otros no :) Todos ellos son propiedad de Rovio.
During the last months I've been working in the storyboards for different Angry Birds projects. It's somehow funny to come back to these characters many years after I quit Rovio. :)
A couple examples of animations of Angry Birds and Stella and Friends with my characters in action
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